If you look at the prices of a base-model Toyota Tacoma, you might be wondering why somebody would opt for a midsize truck; not only are they just a thousand dollars less than the full-size Tundra, but it is also more expensive than some of its comparable competitors. Is there a reason you should choose a Toyota midsize truck?

Actually, there are many. Here are six of the most persuasive:

Used value:

First, check out the value of some used Tacomas on the market right now. Not only are they worth more than any of their competitors for a given year and condition, but there are also many different versions to choose from. You can choose from many different cab options, engines, and trim levels. And if you choose to buy new, consider that when the time comes to sell your Tacoma, it’ll be worth much more and will be easier to sell than the competition.


Yes, you can buy a full-size pickup for not much more money than the price of a Tacoma, but consider this: the Tacoma is easier to park, more nimble in city centers and won’t take as much room in your driveway. However, the fact that it has a 6-foot bed makes it just as capable of hauling stuff as a larger pickup.

Fuel Economy:

Another advantage of choosing a smaller truck is the fuel economy. With its available four-cylinder, you can get up to 10.0 liters per 100 km on the highway. Short of some diesel variants, no full-size pickup can offer better.


Toyota has a reputation for making some of the most resilient vehicles on the planet, and the Tacoma is no exception. You can find many examples that have held up for decades and racked up ridiculous numbers on their odometers. This is even evident overseas; the legendary Toyota Hilux is used in the most remote corners of the world as an indestructible workhorse.  


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If you need to tow a light-to-medium trailer, the Tacoma is actually a more viable choice than a full-size rig. Not only can it tow up to 2,950 kg, but there is also a trailer sway control that comes with every single V6 Tacoma.

Manual transmission:

If you are old-school and want/need a manual gearbox in your pickup truck, you pretty much HAVE to go to the Tacoma. It is the only vehicle in its segment that still offers a three-pedal setup with every engine available. Both the four-cylinder and the V6 come standard with a six-speed manual.