Every vehicle owner has asked the question at some point or other: do I really need winter tires?

It’s a good question and a fair one to ask, but if you live in most parts of Canada, you probably know the answer already. Yes, you almost certainly need winter tires.

Here are 7 reasons why winter tires are more than just a good idea in our true North strong and free.

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The stats don’t lie

According to industry data, a vehicle equipped with winter tires in cold weather has approximately 40 per cent less chance of getting in a collision versus a vehicle without winter tires. You don’t need to be a statistics expert to spot the obvious correlation here…

It’s dangerous, even when there isn’t snow

Did you know that the compounds in summer and all-season tires change at temperatures below 7 degrees C, becoming harder and providing less traction? So, even when the roads are free of ice and snow and temps are above freezing, you run the risk of slipping and sliding, which sounds way more fun than it is.

And AWD doesn’t do much when you need to stop or turn

All-wheel-drive will no doubt get you going in a parking lot full of the slushy wet stuff, but when the car in front of you slams on its brakes to avoid a rogue tobogganer, the four tires working together won’t do much if those four tires aren’t designed for the weather.


You’ll save time (you know, that stuff that is also money)

Getting to where you need to be on time, at safe but still quick speeds is just more feasible with the proper gear.

It may be the law

Depending on where you’re driving, winter tires may be mandatory. Such is the case in parts of British Columbia and Quebec—no snowflake on the rubber, no rubber on the road.

Your insurance might give a discount

Sometimes safer = cheaper. In the province of Ontario, for example, all vehicle insurance companies are required to provide a discount to anyone using proper winter tires. So if you’ve already made the switch or are planning on swapping those tires, make sure you tell your insurers.


Plus, your other tires will last longer

Rather than seeing the glass as half empty when faced with the purchase of new winter tires, consider the fact that your other set of tires will be getting a yearly break and will therefore last longer than if you drove on them all year.

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