While winter can be plenty fun, it isn’t exactly the kindest season for car owners. Between the cold mornings sitting in frigid seats and the ice-covered roads, there isn’t a lot to look forward to when it comes to the commute.

But all is not lost. Not by a long shot. Because there are all kinds of ways to equip your Toyota to prepare it for the colder months. Here are 8 accessories that will make winter more bearable.

Winter Floor Mats

The first snowfall is magical. After a few days, however, reality sets in. The snow turns into slush, and the ground becomes disgusting. Save your car’s carpets by installing a set of tub-style rubber floor mats. They have been designed specifically for your Toyota, will fit perfectly and can be easily cleaned when they become filled with road salt and water.


Remote Starter

One of the worst parts of winter is having to get out of your warm bed in the morning, put on your boots and step into the freezing world. Save yourself the discomfort of sitting on freezing cold leather in a cold cabin, waiting for the engine to heat up, by having a remote starter installed at your Toyota dealership. It will interface perfectly with your car, work at up to 800 metres and turn on heating (or A/C in the summer) at the touch of a button.

Roof Rack

One way people cope with winter is by finding activities to do outdoors. Sports like skiing or snowboarding can be fun, but require a lot of gear. To transport everything, many Toyotas can be fitted with a roof rack, giving you more space inside the cabin to haul people or amenities. Toyota’s racks are compatible with most of the aftermarket’s carrying system, giving you more options to carry your stuff year-round.

Winter Tires

Let’s be clear on one thing: the safest tire in the winter is a winter tire. Yes, your all-seasons might do an adequate job, but nothing will replace the grip of a good winter pneumatic in the snow or on the ice. If you want to make your Toyota as safe as possible, talk with your dealership’s parts department. They will help you pick a set of tires that will be perfect for your vehicle, driving style and budget.

Paint Protection

So, you treated yourself to a brand-new Toyota, and you went all-out, opting for the top-of-the-line model, the big wheels and even an eye-popping paintjob. To protect said paint, why not cover the front of your new pride and joy with a protective film? They are made from highly-resistant clear plastics that are almost invisible to the eye and will save your paint from rock chips. Have it installed by our dealership and it will come with a 7-year warranty.

Cargo Liner

Cargo liners are a great way to protect your trunk (or cargo area, if you own a hatchback) from scratches and dings. During the winter, the fact that they are waterproof is also invaluable; if your windshield washer bottle decides it no longer wants to hold liquids while you drive, your carpet will be saved.


Dash Camera

The advent of the digital dash camera is great for the modern car owner. It can record what happens in front of your vehicle, giving you tangible proof in case of an accident. Toyota’s Genuine Dash Camera goes one step further by activating automatically in case of a crash (even while the car is parked) to, for example, record that low-speed collision that shattered your bumper while you were away.

Block Heater

The block heater is one of those accessories you will only need a handful of times during your car’s total lifespan… but you’ll be glad you got it. When the temperatures drop low enough, your engine’s oil gets thicker and thicker. Past a certain point, it becomes so cold that when the engine is started, oil can’t move around and lubricate the moving parts. For a few minutes, your engine is effectively oil-starved. By having a block heater plugged in, you ensure your oil stays hot enough to remain effective, protecting your engine (and helping it heat up faster, which will in turn make your cabin heat up faster!).

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