Tinseltown loves Toyota.

Being famous comes with a handful of perks, including financial freedom. And while most celebs can afford to park multiple supercars or rare vehicles in their multi-garage mansions, there are a number of A-listers who choose Toyota.

Can you blame them? Toyota continues to dominate the market as an accessible brand that people (yes, even famous people) are fiercely proud to drive. From the eco-friendly Prius to the family-loving Sienna, these celebs love their Toyota and look really good in them, too.

Scroll on to get a glimpse into who drives what type of Toyota around the streets of Hollywood.

Mark Wahlberg

The days of being a bad boy/sex symbol are a distant memory for Mark Wahlberg. The father of four now drives his brood around LA in what he calls an “unassuming” Toyota Sienna minivan. It’s black with custom rims, tinted windows and even has Direct TV. Wahlberg explained to Ellen DeGeneres that his kids call it the “mint mobile” because he keeps it stocked with mint lifesavers. That’s such a dad thing to do, Marky Mark.

Got to play tourist in #London with my family today!

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Natalie Portman

While Natalie Portman’s career may put her in the driver’s seat of different vehicles depending on what character she’s cast to play, when she’s off the clock, there’s a good chance she’s in a black Prius. The actress is an activist, known to speak her mind when it comes to human and animal rights, so driving a car that’s environmentally friendlier is high on her priority list.

Christian Bale

Actor Christian Bale is one of the select few certified to drive the Batmobile, but apparently his daily drive is a Toyota Tacoma. In LA’s landscape full of shiny new cars, Bale’s older model pickup makes a statement.

Miley Cyrus

For her 16th birthday, pop star Miley Cyrus was gifted a Toyota Prius from her famous pa Billy Ray. The now 25-year-old’s car collection has since expanded, but first vehicles are an important part of life, and surely Cyrus will forever have a soft spot for her Sweet 16 Prius.

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Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo DiCaprio is another well-known actor turned environmentalist (his Instagram account is essentially a PSA for global warming, anti-poaching and the like), so his choice to own and drive the eco-conscious Toyota Prius shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is often spotted zipping around LA in her Toyota Prius. She’s a long time fan, too. The actress revealed her love for the car to Jeremy Clarkson on an episode of Top Gear years ago.

Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom is a big fan of anything that goes fast–from Formula E race cars to motorcycles–but on the daily, he satiates his need for speed with his Toyota Prius. Is the Prius the official hybrid of Hollywood?