Buying a used vehicle from a dealership used to be one of the worst experiences in the automotive industry. Thanks to unscrupulous tactics, aggressive salespersons (who gave birth to the ‘used car salesman’ stereotype) and badly maintained vehicles, many customers chose to completely avoid the used market, opting for new vehicles.

But used vehicles don’t deserve this bad rap: plenty of them are in great shape and offer significant value for the money. So how can you ensure the quality of a used Toyota? Simple. By trusting Toyota’s Certified Used program.

Here’s what Toyota Certified Used means. 

More than an inspection, this certification program ensures that you get behind the wheel of a Toyota that will be as easy to drive, reliable and dependable as… well, as a Toyota.

The Certified Used program starts as soon as the vehicle arrives in our care. Whether it arrives as an unknown quantity from an auction or as a locally-owned trade-in, the vehicle is inspected in 160 points. Toyota’s techs first visually check the car to ensure nothing is missing; from the roof padding to the underbody’s protective plates, nothing is overlooked. After that, the mechanical components are thoroughly verified to make sure they work as intended and will continue to do so for a long while. If everything checks out mechanically, the car is sent for a professional detailing and reconditioning.


Meanwhile, a Carproof report is produced: this ensures that the vehicle has never been involved in something shady, like an unreported accident or a theft.

Doing all this enables Toyota dealers to give their customers some assurances regarding Certified vehicles. For starters, every single used car we sell comes with a 6 months/10,000 km warranty, or even longer, depending on the vehicle. The first oil change is also included; 6 months or 8,000 km after your initial buy, you get to come in and have your car serviced for free.

And since the vehicle has been bought at a Toyota dealership, it benefits from the expansive brand network across Canada, with any Toyota workshop honouring the warranty and repair if you’re away from home. To keep you on the road, your car comes with a 24-hour Roadside Assistance that works anywhere in North America.

Finally, if you drive your new acquisition for a few days before deciding it doesn’t fit with your lifestyle, you can take advantage of the exchange program.

Buying a used car shouldn’t be complicated… and if you choose the right seller, it actually isn’t. Thanks to Toyota’s Certified Used program, you can buy with confidence and enjoy your new-to-you Toyota for years to come.