Geoff, Brampton

I was very pleased with my visit today. I showed up, unannounced, at 930am as my front driver side tire was leaking due to a puncture around the air valve. The gentleman that greeted and assisted me was a real pleasure. He manage to get my vehicle in for service right away, which included addressing 2 recalls I was unaware – and also provide me with 2 quotes I had asked for in relation to additional service. When I returned to my vehicle when it was done, I was impressed to see approximately $10 worth of change sitting in the console. This change was found by the service tech I presume when they removed, or adjusted, the driver’s seat to tend to one of the recalls. Integrity and honesty is always great to see. Please pull up my service invoice for the purpose of recognizing not only the Gentleman that managed my visit, but also to recognize the techs. for their integrity.
Thank you

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