Is the Toyota Sienna all-wheel-drive? That and other Sienna FAQ, answered.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Toyota Sienna!

The Toyota Sienna is one of the most adept people carriers Toyota offers. If you’re considering adding one of these versatile minivans to your family, you probably have a lot of questions.

We polled the Internet for the most frequently asked questions about the Toyota Sienna and answered them here.

Is the Toyota Sienna all-wheel drive?

Yes, it is! The Toyota Sienna offers an available all-wheel-drive system to ensure you and your family get to your destination regardless of the weather. And if you MUST have an AWD minivan, know that your vehicle research just got a lot simpler, because the Sienna is the ONLY one in its class to offer four driven wheels…


Can the Toyota Sienna pull a trailer?

The Sienna is one of the roomiest vehicles on the market, but if you can’t fit everything you need inside, you’ll be pleased to know you can tow up to 1,585 kg with it.

Not only is the Sienna roomy, but it is also quite modular: depending on the version, Toyota’s minivan can fold its third row at the touch of a button. For even more interior space, you can remove the middle bench seats.

Does the Toyota Sienna have a DVD player?

The DVD player might seem like a useless accessory…Until you take a road trip with young children. After that, you simply can’t live without it. You’ll be pleased to know the Sienna offers a 16.4-inch rear screen with a Blu-ray player, as well as dual rear screens for the second row.


Does the Toyota Sienna have a spare tire?

Yes… And no. Front-wheel drive Siennas offer a temporary spare tire. However, with the AWD variants, the added mechanical complexity prevented engineers from inserting a tire underneath the vehicle. For more safety, the all-wheel-drive Siennas come standard with run-flat tires.

Does the Toyota Sienna have power sliding doors?

Starting with the LE trim, all Siennas offer dual power sliding doors for added convenience.


Does the Toyota Sienna have 8 seats?

Some do, yeah! Depending on how you choose to configure your Sienna, you can fit up to 8 passengers inside of it. If you want captain seats for the second row, the Sienna will still manage to seat seven.

Does the Toyota Sienna have heated seats?

If you want it to! Starting with the LE trim level, all Siennas feature heated front seats. The Limited trim level goes one step further by offering a heated steering wheel as standard.

Does the Toyota Sienna have cooled seats?

The Sienna sadly doesn’t offer ventilated seats. However, all versions come standard with a 3-zone climate control, so you can fine-tune the temperature in your area of the vehicle to be more comfortable.

Which Toyota Sienna has a backup camera?

Easy: they all do! For 2018, every single variant of the Toyota Sienna offers a backup camera as standard equipment!

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