Keith, Etobicoke

I was referred to Tony Brandao by an acquaintance and began to send him quite a few emails enquiring about used 4Runners, new 4Runners and everything 4Runner related. I contacted Tony numerous times and asked him more questions than even I would have patience to answer. I would like to mention that, at this point I had no intention of actually driving in from Toronto to Brampton to buy a car. Through our conversations, I learned that Tony was patient, honest and his customer service skills incredible. After speaking to a number of sales people from various Toyota dealerships, my wife and I felt that Tony was trustworthy and direct. We drove all the way to Northwest Toyota and one conversation with Tony was all it took for us to decide to buy the car. We did not need to debate price as we felt that the first price offered by Tony was reasonable. We are extremely happy with the vehicle and the service provided by Tony. Between the speed of his email responses and making himself available to speak on the phone, we could not be more happy and would certainly be coming back to your dealership for any future car purchases and have already referred some of our friends to Tony. I felt that I needed to write to express how knowledgeable and professional I found the staff at Northwest Toyota to be. I have high expectations of people and your team not only met but also exceeded those expectations.

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