TRD Accessories

TRD Accessories

Toyota Racing Development

Toyota Racing Development (TRD) is a world-class performance and racing organization that produces and distributes tuning products, accessories and performance components. When added to your Toyota vehicle they improve performance, handling and style. Focusing on engine design, development and assembly for motorsports, TRD has become a recognized leader in providing peak performance and creating truly exceptional driving experiences.


TRD Cat-Back Exhaust Systems boost performance by reducing back pressure to add horsepower. “A Cat-Back” covers the entire exhaust system, from the rear of the catalytic converter to the end of the tailpipe. Cat-Backs are also known for producing a deep, throaty tone. Crafted of stainless steel, these systems use factory-type connector flanges and existing factory mounting hangers to ensure a precise fit and long-term durability.


TRD Accessories

At TRD, we study the vehicle’s original design criteria. Then we use state-of-the-art CAD design techniques to create the best wheel. That means having the proper offset and the right weight, ensuring nothing rubs the suspension or the body and that there is optimum ventilation for the disc brakes. Then we make sure the wheels are knockout gorgeous and finished to stand up to the rigors of the road.


TRD Big Brake Kit

TRD big brake kits are sized specifically to maintain factory front-to-rear weight balance, while enhancing stability during aggressive driving and panic stops. Plus, the calipers are finished in high-temperature TRD red epoxy and boldly feature the TRD logo. TRD big brake kits – when only the best will do!


TRD Suspension

When it comes to suspension, it’s all about physics. TRD designs suspension components based on the engineering data used in the design of the vehicle. Aftermarket manufacturers can’t make that claim. Plus, every TRD component must meet Toyota standards – that means extensive testing, measureable improvement and preserving safety margins. TRD components improve handling while having little impact on noise or vibration. Finally, TRD components are designed to work on their own or in harmony with other TRD components.


TRD Parts (with the exception of Air Intakes and Superchargers) have been deemed compliant and are available for sale with your new Toyota vehicle – meaning you can finance them with your new vehicle purchase (through Toyota Financial Services, (TFS). If you choose to have new wheels installed on your Toyota prior to delivery, please ensure the recommended tire size is installed; see your Sales Advisor for details.

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